[Green pepper fried oil residue]_ practice _ practice Daquan

As the saying goes, people rely on food as their food. From this sentence, how important diet can be for people. There are countless practices in Chinese cuisine for five thousand years.Value has a great effect on preventing cancer itself, it can also increase appetite to help digestion, and there are many weight loss effects that obese people love.

So, how to cook green pepper fried oil residue.

First, how to cook the fried peppercorns with green pepper?

After refining the lard, cool the oil in the right amount.

Cut green peppers into cubes, pieces, and strips that are about the size of lard!

(People familiar with my recipes should know that I always don’t care about shapes.

How do you get there!

) Heat the oil in a hot pot, add the cut green pepper, add some salt, and fry until broken.

Instead of pouring green peppers, add the prepared lard directly to the pot.

Stir fry for 1-2 minutes?
Fully blend the aroma of green pepper and oil residue.

(If the oil residue is too hard and the child who does not like hard mouth can spray a little water at this step, water vapor can make the oil residue slightly soft.

) Add raw soy sauce and season.

(Old rules, people who don’t like dark colors or light taste can choose not to let old soy.

Add a little bit of raw soy sauce to control the salinity!

) Then fry for another minute or so.

Second, the ingredients required for fried peppers with green peppers: fatty meat, green peppers, red peppers, garlic, tempeh, salt, white sugar, raw soy sauce, fried peppers with green peppers: sliced fatty meats, fried peppers with green peppersThe second step of the method is to cut the green and red peppers, cut the garlic, and stir-fry the green peppers with oily residue. The third step is to add oil to the pan, pour the fat, and fry all the fat and fat into oily residue.The fourth step of fried green pepper oil residue: put oil in the bottom of the pot, add garlic slices, fermented tempeh, add green and red peppers, stir fry for a while, stir in salt and white sugar.

The fifth step of fried green pepper oil residue: Put the oil residue, stir fry for a few seconds, pour in the raw soy sauce, stir in a small amount of water, and then you can put out the pan and serve.

How to make green pepper fried oil residue?

Cut the fat into small cubes and put it in the pot with water.

After the fat is boiled, remove the oil residue.

The lard is also drained out, so I will eat noodles later, add a little bit of that scent.

It’s a natural additive!

For the top oil, cut the ginger and stir-fry after the hot pot, add the oil residue and stir-fry some cooking wine, then add the pepper, add the seasoning soy sauce and two spoons of broth and stir-fry the appropriate amount of salt and sugar.

Chili fried oil residue is done