[The practice of tortillas]_Homemade methods of tortillas_The practice of tortillas_How to make tortillas

What will you do if you get married or have the other half if you leave early?

At this time, if you can go to the kitchen to prepare a hearty dinner for your loved one, he will definitely be moved and your feelings will definitely be sublimated.

Well, now I will teach you the detailed methods of tortillas.


This is the sausage he brought from his hometown. It is very delicious and has a special spice taste.

However, you can also use sausage or bacon, I think it will taste very good.

1 chopped sausage 3.

2 eggs liquid break up 4.

1 fried potato and onion are very watery, haha, I didn’t expect handsome guys to have such a hand, but it really makes sense to think about it-washed away fat, how healthy5.

2 Wash the potatoes, peel them, cut them into mahjong-sized pieces and place them in a pan with a fork until they are softened.

1 Sausage is added to the pan and crushed spices 7 are added.

2 Pour the potatoes and onions into the egg mixture, add less seasoning, some salt and pepper. 8

Pour the potatoes and onion mixed with egg liquid and fry over high heat. This will quickly ripen and brown the outside, but the inside is still tender and soft so that the taste can come out9.

It is very delicious10.

Look at the finished product 11.

The cut is like this. Thank you all for learning the making method of Tortilla with the editors today. Sharing the food with you is my greatest happiness. You do n’t hinder and share this happiness with your friends. LetWe share food.