[What to do when you drink coffee on an empty stomach and palpitations]

Many people like to drink a cup of coffee in the morning to make themselves more energetic, but most people drink coffee on an empty stomach when they drink coffee in the morning.

Therefore, some people have a feeling of panic because of the high concentration of coffee they drink, and the feeling of panic is very uncomfortable, which will affect a person’s normal life. So how to relieve the feeling of panic when drinking coffee on an empty stomachHow about it?

Drink plenty of water to speed up your body’s cycle.

If you drink too much coffee, you should drink more plain water to dilute the concentration of coffee and speed up the gradual hydration of your body. Drinking more water will help you urinate, which will relieve your symptoms.

2 divert attention.

Many people develop a habit of drinking coffee because of the pressure of work. However, after drinking a cup of coffee, they find that they are flustered, their heartbeats are fast, they feel very nervous, and they feel like they can’t breathe. Then stop the work and transfer.Attention, listen to some soothing music, and let the brain rest.

3 Lie down and rest.

Don’t think that drinking coffee can fight fatigue, refreshing!

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is aimed at speeding up your heartbeat, panic, and feeling like you have high blood pressure, which makes your work impossible. Therefore, after drinking coffee on an empty stomach, it is best to lie down and rest for a while, and don’t let yourself panic.

4 Drink coffee an hour after a meal.

For those who like to drink coffee, it is also difficult to quit the habit of drinking coffee, and the caffeine in coffee is addictive.

Therefore, for your own health, do not drink coffee on an empty stomach. The best time to drink coffee is one hour after a meal and not to drink coffee before going to bed.

5 Dilute the coffee strength.

Lighter coffee concentration can effectively reduce the phenomenon of panic. When making coffee, add more water, put some milk and sugar, this can also effectively reduce the occurrence of panic.

6 Drink milk or eat cake.

If you feel panicky after drinking coffee, but it is not very serious, you can drink a cup of milk or eat a piece of cake. This can also effectively reduce the nerve stimulation of caffeine.

Precautions Do not drink coffee too thick, not fasting, not too much, it is best to drink with milk.