[What swelling medicine should I take after plastic surgery?

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Plastic surgery is a very common cosmetic method in life. Plastic surgery can improve facial features and even body image. At the same time, it can hide the opposite. It is the choice of many beauty-conscious people. When plastic surgery is done, swelling is easyWhen swelling occurs, certain drugs can be taken orally to achieve swelling, and it is also necessary to eat more swelling food on the diet, and sufficient sleep can also achieve swelling.

What medicine can reduce swelling after plastic surgery?

(Suitable sleep and avoiding staying up late are the keys to swelling. Drugs and food are just a series of auxiliary effects.)

Both Tuozhizhi and Maizhiling can be used orally, and it is recommended that they be taken orally for about three weeks.

Swelling medication is recommended after meals.

The function of Panax notoginseng powder Panax notoginseng can be summarized by the six words “stop bleeding, dissipate blood stasis, set pain”.

You can buy panax notoginseng and take it orally.

Pumpkin-Expected food to eliminate swelling Pumpkin is ideal because pumpkin has a diuretic effect and is rich in vitamin A. It is very effective in excluding waste products from the body and can prevent symptoms that cause inflammation or pustules.

Drinking pumpkin juice also has some medicinal value.

Shu Jing Tongluo, eyesight, in addition, it is also effective for cancer patients or patients with poor gastrointestinal function.

Soybean Soybean also has a certain effect on eliminating swelling, and can improve cardiovascular contraction function, reduce blood pressure, and prevent cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

Minimize hypertension as much as possible to prevent constipation: Beans can engage in amino acids, so toxins in the body have very good effects.

People who do not like to eat soy can also drink soy juice. Swelling is also very effective.

Kelp and other seaweed foods Seaweed and other seaweed foods are very effective foods for swelling. Plant fibers such as kelp, minerals, trace elements and other essential substances in the human body can effectively supply oxygen in the body.

However, before eating seaweed, you must rinse the salt thoroughly.

Rice can be added with some barley when cooking. Barley is good for water and swelling, spleen and dampness, soothing muscles and removing paralysis, clearing heat and removing pus, etc., and it is good for removing waste deposited in the body.

Mung beans not only reduce swelling, but also have the effect of softening blood vessels and promoting blood circulation.

Drinking more mung bean soup is good for detoxification and swelling.

However, the cooking time should not be too long, so as not to reduce the effect of organic acids and vitamins.