[Breakfast or full breakfast]_ How to eat _ How to eat

Three meals a day are more important to people’s health. Usually, you should have enough breakfast, eat well at noon, and eat less dinner.

This is more common health knowledge.

After breakfast is full, it will lead to a day of work and study. Many people have the habit of not eating breakfast, which will lead to lower blood sugar. At this time, bile secretion problems sometimes lead to some liver and gallbladder diseases. So the harm of not eating breakfast is moreBig, breakfast must be full.

Eat well for breakfast or eat enough As the saying goes: “Eat breakfast, eat lunch, eat less dinner.

“Why do you arrange this?

At this point after we have eaten, after about 4 hours, the food is completely emptied through digestion and absorption in the body.

Therefore, in order to continuously replenish the body with energy, it must be 4?
Replace every 6 hours.

In the morning, after 8 hours of sleep, we will feel special spirit. Naturally, the work efficiency in the morning is higher than that in the afternoon.

However, many people “omit” breakfast in order to hurry.

In fact, this is a very unwise choice.

Without breakfast, work and study efficiency will decline. Our stomach is like a food processing bag. The food we eat must pass through the stomach, digestion and absorption.

When there is no food in the stomach for a long time, you will feel stomachache. In addition, without food to provide energy, dizziness, weakness, panic, and cold sweat will often occur.

In addition, if you do not eat breakfast in the morning, you will only have two meals a day.

In this way, the fasting time will be longer, and the amount of meals per meal will be increased, so that the digestive and absorption functions of the stomach will be enhanced, and the food eaten will be completely absorbed.

This is how Japanese sumo athletes gain weight.

Therefore, people who do not eat breakfast are also prone to gain weight.

So breakfast must be full, so that the body can develop normally and maintain a healthy state.

Not eating breakfast has the following major hazards: 1.

Without breakfast, the oxidant is not concentrated and depressed.

After one night of digestion, the dinner I had eaten the previous day has been almost consumed, and the glucose level in the blood in the body rises. At this time, if I do n’t eat breakfast to supplement the energy, the brain cells that use glucose as energy will not be active enough.Symptoms of fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and loss of memory can occur, resulting in slow response.


It is easy to get old without breakfast.

Without breakfast, the body will use the glycogen and protein stored in the body. Long time will lead to dry skin, wrinkles and anemia.

The energy and nutrition provided by breakfast occupies an important part of the energy absorption throughout the day. The absence of breakfast or poor quality of breakfast is one of the insufficient nutrition replacements throughout the day.


Without breakfast, it can easily cause enteritis.

Without breakfast, lunch will inevitably be eaten in large quantities due to obesity, the digestive system will be overburdened for a while, and the absence of breakfast will disrupt the regularity of digestive system activity and be prone to gastrointestinal diseases.


There is an increased chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease without breakfast.

Because of the overnight fasting, the viscosity of platelets in human blood increases, blood viscosity increases, and blood flow is slow, which significantly increases the risk of stroke and hypertension.

Slow blood flow can easily form small blood clots in the blood vessels and slender blood vessels. If the coronary arteries are double, it can cause angina pectoris or myocardial infarction.


It is easy to gain weight without breakfast.

Without breakfast, you must eat a lot of Chinese food, the body does not digest well, and it is most likely to form a subcutaneous aunt.

Affect the figure.