[Are men sick with exposed bodies?

Why do some men like to expose their private organs?

The answer is that they didn’t even think about it, they were just driven by an unconscious evolutionary instinct inherited from our primate ancestors: male monkeys and orangutans routinely show females their penis to show themHave “sexual interest.”

Instead, it’s actually a natural instinct.

Of course, most men also suppress this instinct.

Chimpanzees’ penis can be retracted into the foreskin, so they are invisible most of the time.

However, when this organ appeared, it was impressive in size, and the pale pink color was in sharp contrast with the black fur.

Males have their legs widened and their hips arched, and they often bounce the penis up and down-a strong sign.

And male humans look like they are imitating their orangutan brothers: the internet is flooded with phallic selfies of men from all over the world.

Studies abroad have found that on random video chat sites “chat roulette”, one out of every four cameras is aimed at a penis.

Among adult website users, 36% of men use a picture of a penis as their avatar, while only 5% of women use pictures of women’s private parts.

In fact, male sexual exposure has long been considered a harmless obsessive-compulsive disorder by clinical psychologists: men who expose their organs to strangers rarely try to make further contact or even obtain a form of exposureStrong sense of liberation.

The impulse of male nymphs seems similar to the behavior of primate ancestors grooming their hair to cater to heterosexual interests.

Although culture and etiquette characterizes the display of their penis as a vice or even a criminal act, men still retain the neural circuits of their ancestors, as well as the instinctive impulses of primate ancestors to display their penis.Behavior “instinct.

However, the difference between men and women in “sexual interest” is too great, this desire is best reflected in intimate love.