[Pumpkin Milk Juice]_Method of Making_Methods

The content of crude fiber in pumpkin and the content of various vitamins and trace elements are very high, which is very suitable for the elderly and children. The pectin in pumpkin can protect the gastric mucosa.It helps the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, and the digestion effect is very good. If pumpkin and milk are used for pumpkin milk juice, it is both nutritious and delicious.

The practice of pumpkin milk juice 1.

Peel and squash the pumpkin, wash and cut into small pieces.


Cut the pumpkin into a dish and steam it in a steamer.


After the pumpkin is steamed, let it cool down and add to the cooking machine.


Add milk.


Add the right amount of sugar.


Connect the cooking machine to the power, press the start button, and turn the pumpkin into juice.

What are the benefits of eating pumpkin regularly?

1, repair liver and kidney function may be unknown to many people pumpkin seeds can prevent carcinogen mutations, and can also help pregnant women repair liver and kidney function, pregnant women with poor liver and kidney function can usually eat more pumpkin seeds temporarily.

2. Helps improve sperm quality.

Experts point out that this is due to the large amount of zinc in pumpkin seeds.

From the perspective of Western medicine, eating more foods rich in zinc and good for the prostate can also increase the number of sperm; while from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, foods rich in zinc have a kidney-reinforcing effect and help to improve male fertility.

In addition to sunflower seeds, nuts such as hazelnuts and peanuts are also rich in zinc, which can improve sperm quality to an appropriate extent.

3, helps to reduce blood pressure.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in pantothenic acid, which can relieve resting angina pectoris and have a hypotensive effect.

Take 90 grams of raw squash seeds every day.

One week is a course of treatment, can be taken continuously 2?
3 courses.

Middle-aged and older men will experience a rapid decline in their constitution, especially insomnia, and have headaches (caused by insomnia and frequent nighttime urination), tinnitus, facial pain, facial beating, and urgency after eating white melon seeds.Urine pain and urinary incontinence were alleviated, and nocturia was reduced.

4. The anti-inflammatory effect of anti-inflammation pumpkin flower is very good. It can eliminate a variety of parasites in the human digestive tract and respiratory tract and prevent and treat respiratory tract diseases.

It also has adjuvant treatment for various antibiotics such as conjunctivitis and mastitis.

5. The pollen of pumpkin flower is a special health care product recognized by the world. It has many special health effects such as eliminating fatigue, enhancing physical strength, increasing intelligence, improving sleep, protecting the heart and blood vessels, preventing bleeding, and allowing the sick to recover early.It has a certain adjuvant effect on complications such as anemia, chronic constipation, large bowel disease, hypertension, headache and stroke in young children.

People also consume pollen into the body when they eat pumpkin flowers. For children in the growing season, it has the effect of promoting development.

6. Protecting the heart Pumpkin flower contains a rue compound, which is a natural protector of human blood vessels and the heart. After entering the human body, it can improve people’s coagulation levels and prevent the occurrence of intracardiac bleeding, thereby protecting the blood vessels and the heartImportant role.

7, heat and swelling pumpkin pollen is rich in protein, amino acids, aunt, sugar, B vitamins and enzymes.

Pumpkin flower has the characteristics of clearing away dampness and heat, reducing swelling and dissipating blood stasis.