[A man of this quality will be praised on the bed]

We often say that to be human is to have someone’s character, and to drink alcohol must have alcohol. Similarly, when you go to bed and have sex, you also pay attention to “bedding.”

The so-called “bedding” is only the performance of your love, and the degree of consideration for your partner.

Sometimes, you are sweating hard, working hard, or even thinking that you have no disadvantages and playing abnormally, but you just do n’t get her alignment, then it only shows that your “bedding” needs to be strengthened.

1. Give her the initiative to score extra points: ★★★★ ☆ The social values of men and women are also reflected in the bed, which can be found from the posture of most couples.

But there are moments when girls want to take the initiative, and there are times when passion is burning!

If you are willing to give her control to her and listen to her direct the next “trip”, the girls will find this battle fair and intimate.

2, with enthusiasm to add points: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ You sometimes think: “Do not pay the ration for too long, will my girlfriend think I can’t do it?

“Or it is encountered” the situation where you just carried your girlfriend and blew up the plane in the morning, and your girlfriend asked for public food at night.

Therefore, at this time your performance may become routine, but women are very mindful of this kind of non-enthusiastic sports.