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There are various forms of contraception. Traditional contraceptives, condoms, contraceptives, etc., of course, can be improved by medical methods, and evidence measures have been further developed. Traditional contraceptive methods will bring some unhealthy to the human body.Factors, new methods of contraception, greatly reduce the unhealthy factors, and enhance the effectiveness of contraception. In the sexual life, what to do if no contraceptive measures are taken, let us look at it together.

1. The IUD artificially places foreign objects in the uterine cavity, mostly metal rings, which inhibit the implantation of the embryo sac. Some contraceptive rings contain contraceptives and copper, thereby increasing the effect of contraceptive effects.

2. Taking contraceptives Most of the current contraceptives (short-acting, long-acting) are made by mixing estrogen in a certain ratio.

Women of different ages should choose different dosage forms of contraception. If they are selected wrongly, they can cause damage to the body.

3. Condom contraception. When there is no good defense against sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS, condoms are considered to be the best method of contraceptive protection.

4. Contraception during safe period Contraception during safe period is not necessarily safe, because the stimulation of sexual contact in the same room will cause women to ovulate excessively and it is easy to conceive on the same day.

This method is not suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

5. Taking emergency contraceptives Emergency contraceptives are contraceptive methods used to prevent pregnancy during the transfer of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. Drug contraception is the most commonly used method.

Women who have accidental physical injuries or have unprotected sex due to other reasons, or have failed in self-confidence, such as broken condoms, slippage, and miscalculated safety periods, can consider taking emergency contraceptives. They are effective within 72 hours after intercourse.Sex time should be recalculated.

After excluding pregnancy, healthy women of childbearing age should be applied within 72-120 hours after sex. The sooner the effect is better, the failure rate will increase after 72 hours.

6, ligation contraception ligation, which is birth control.

Ligation surgery is an effective method of long-term contraception. Not only women can perform ligation surgery for contraception, but men can also perform ligation surgery.

However, the physiological structure of men and women is different. Men’s vas deferens are easily found from the superficial scrotum, while women’s fallopian tubes are more troublesome in the body. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is reasonable for men to undergo ligation.



The above is a detailed answer on what to do if no contraceptive measures are taken. Many times in sexual life, many young people do not like to use contraceptive measures. It is normal. Of course, some evidence can be taken before or after the event.This way, it is a manifestation of being responsible for your physical health, and it can better protect yourself.