[Can brown sugar be eaten for a long time]_Brown sugar_Expired_Impact

At present, there are many types of brown sugar on the market, because many brown sugars are now added with various materials, such as roses, ginger, sesame and so on.

The storage time of brown sugar is generally 18 months, so friends must discard the brown sugar beyond the shelf life, don’t think it is wasted, because the deteriorated things will produce toxic substances to the body, so it is mainly health.

How long is the shelf life?

Brown sugar easily absorbs odors and should not be put together with strong flavoring condiments. It should be packed in glass or ceramic containers.

Store in a cool, dry place.

The shelf life is generally 18 months.

Of course, whether it is brown sugar, brown sugar, brown sugar, white granulated sugar, if you buy a packaged product, it is generally described above, and it is best to eat it under the right of quality.

How to keep brown sugar in place? First of all, we must understand the properties of brown sugar. If brown sugar is not kept in place, it usually tends to form lumps. This is a physical change caused by brown sugar absorbing water molecules in the air.

So if you don’t want the brown sugar to harden and deteriorate, its proper preservation method suddenly becomes particularly important.

Secondly, it should be clear that brown sugar is not suitable for long-term storage. Brown sugar is usually stored in a dry and ventilated place for no more than two or three months. If it is left for a long time, it may be affected by its inadequate storage and thus affect its quality.As a result, it is difficult for brown sugar to exert its due effect.

⒊ Pay attention to good temperature when saving brown sugar. This is because if the brown sugar itself accidentally absorbs and absorbs moisture, once it is placed in a very dry environment, the temperature changes, and the moisture of the brown sugar itself will evaporate and slip away when heated.Brown sugar turns into sturdy lumps.

The brown sugar needs a sealed jar. This jar can be a tin can, a glass jar, or a plastic jar.

It is easy to find such a jar in real life. Sometimes it can be said that some milk powder jars, pickles jars or some snack cans can be used.

The brown sugar needs to be stored in a ventilated, dry, and dark place. When we seal the brown sugar, we need to find a suitable place to place it. At this time, if the jar can be some kind of dark color (be careful not to open it)Black) is better, so that you can better avoid direct sunlight.

It is better to put brown sugar in the refrigerator. If there is a refrigerator at home, you can put the sealed brown sugar in the refrigerator to refrigerate.

Note that the brown sugar must be sealed well, otherwise it will be difficult to keep it if it is not sealed.

If the brown sugar accidentally turns into a hard piece, you may wish to put a few pieces of cabbage leaves or a few apples in the sealed sugar bowl. After two or three days, the sugar pieces will return to their original shape, and the hard sugar pieces will gradually become soft.Then, just take out the leaves or apple pieces at this time.