[66% alcohol dark chocolate Qifeng’s practice]_66% alcohol dark chocolate Qifeng’s common practice_66% alcohol dark chocolate Qifeng’s practice Daquan_66% alcohol dark chocolate Qifeng’s practice

It is reasonable to say that people die for food and death, but for today’s society, this is not entirely the case, because many people die because of “food.”

Because of unhealthy eating, many people get sick and die.

In order not to die like this, let’s learn from Xiaobian how to make 66% dark chocolate.


First melt the black Qiao across the water, set aside to cool down and reserve 2.

Put the egg white in the water-free and oil-free bowl, add some lemon juice and add sugar three times, and finally add the corn flour with the remaining 1/3 sugar, and pass until dry foaming3.

Add the salad oil to the egg yolk bowl, add water and Baileys, stir well after simmering, sieve into low powder and mix well, pour in cold chocolate and mix well4.

Mix 1/3 protein paste and egg yolk paste by cutting and mixing, then return to the protein bowl and mix well.

Pour the batter into the mold, tap twice, add it to the lower layer of the preheated oven, and bake at 160 ° C for 80 minutes6.

After being baked, let’s take a moment, and then let it cool down and release it from here. The method of 66% mellow dark chocolate Qi Feng is also introduced.

Then all you need to do is walk into the kitchen and make it a reality.